Buying My Shelby GT500 in the USA?

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It's definitely time to talk about buying a Shelby GT500! The Triple F Collection's monster is ready for a drive to discuss whether one will be joining the Shmeemobiles in 2021. I couldn't lock my order before, but now I'm considering whether it's good to go, let's see...
With a number of the Triple F hypercars heading out for a shoot; let's see the Bugatti Chiron, Koenigsegg Regera and Pagani Huayra BC getting on the move before heading into the garage to the GT500. In late 2019, when I had attended the Ford Performance event in Las Vegas for the Shelby GT500 with my Ford GT, I announced at the time that I was ordering one to join my own garage. However, things since have not gone as planned...
At the time I would have had to lock in the order, it was just when the world was shutting down and my plans to take delivery of it in the USA, use it for a tour, and import it back to the UK were completely stopped and as such I could not confirm the car. That never stopped my desire to eventually bring one back home to live with my Ford GT and Heritage RS for the ultimate modern Ford trio with the supercar, hot hatch and muscle car. Coming full circle then, now could be the time to do so, but first comes a test drive to see if it's as much fun as I remembered!
If I do decide to go ahead, there is then a choice between buying a car from the market, or ordering a MY2021 example with my own spec and some new colour options. There's definitely a decision to be made ahead!
There are big things in the works at the Triple F Collection, be sure to subscribe to their channel and follow on their social pages:
Thanks for watching, Tim
00:00 Intro
00:43 Hypercars Departing
01:33 Shmeemobile Plan
03:27 Walkaround
05:26 On the Road
12:59 Back at Base
14:30 Ordering a Shmeemobile
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  • Shmee150
    Shmee150Vor Monat

    To GT500 or not to GT500, that is the question! After last year's plans went out the window, would you like to see the first Shmeemobile in the USA as this monster of an American muscle car?

  • Six Ply Maple

    Six Ply Maple

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  • White Lives Matter!

    White Lives Matter!

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  • Lucas Jager

    Lucas Jager

    Vor Monat

    Just buy one and if necessary just sack a future "common" euro spec car

  • First Prototype

    First Prototype

    Vor Monat

    Order one for your taste, in the mean time, search for a special one,already at the dealer here, (yes buy two cars) send it back to Europe have fun with it until yours arrives and than sell it for a profit!

  • Khaizuran K-Man

    Khaizuran K-Man

    Vor Monat

    @Waseem Khogyani No,must with trackpack because it is lighter and beautiful carbon fibre design trim than without trackpack

  • কৌতুহল
    কৌতুহলVor 12 Tage

    You must speak slowly.

  • zimmesco
    zimmescoVor 20 Tage

    This guy has no right to talk about american muscle

  • Willie Kan
    Willie KanVor 21 Tag

    Tim what happened to your left lower eye lid? looks swollen

  • kendrick smith
    kendrick smithVor 26 Tage

    How similar is it to the amg gt?

  • I edited my name
    I edited my nameVor 26 Tage

    5:02. Is the engine leaking?

  • James Pugh
    James PughVor 26 Tage

    It's a awesome car tim you definitely need one. Or a least a mustang of some sort. Also look at the corvette

  • Ay B
    Ay BVor 27 Tage

    Once our border opens to international travel try and head to Australia and find someone with a HSV GTSR W1 for a drive. LS9 powered rwd sedan

  • Tim mckenzie
    Tim mckenzieVor 27 Tage

    Your Camera Woman Rules!!!!!!! Perfect panning and zooming !!!!!!

  • Bryce Stevens
    Bryce StevensVor 27 Tage

    Mustangs I believe have the best cross plane v8 sound of any car in my opinion 😌

  • Jon Gib
    Jon GibVor 27 Tage

    🥰💪🏻 🇺🇸 Decisions decisions ;)

  • Michael Mangoz
    Michael MangozVor 27 Tage

    yes get and do burn outs!

  • KevyD77
    KevyD77Vor 28 Tage

    Sounds like Burlacher's GT350 :-)

  • DaKingaKings
    DaKingaKingsVor 28 Tage

    Yes yes yes, add the Shelby. I have one with a mega super charger upgrade. Freaking awesome.

  • Don Cobin
    Don CobinVor 29 Tage

    Don't do it, I made the biggest mistake trading my GT350 in for a GT500. It isn't all it's cracked up to be. All the things that were great about the GT350 is lost on the GT500 My suggestion is to buy a Heritage 2020 GT350 or a GT350R

  • Shmee150


    Vor 29 Tage

    I've seen a couple of people speak this way, but generally it's been to do with the cost of running. I'd love to hear some more thoughts if you're up for sending a DM on Instagram? Thanks

  • Cleetus the Dog
    Cleetus the DogVor 29 Tage

    We just did a GT500 PDI with the track pack at my work. It's still available as well because the original buyer backed out.

  • musiKars
    musiKarsVor Monat

    I used to watch him in 2010, with the aston, Im amazed of how much he could´ve changed but he loves cars as much as he did back then, saludos desde México Tim!!

  • Matthew Burrell
    Matthew BurrellVor Monat

    That’s what cars should sound like. EU rules opf filters etc. No!

  • HowToGainTime
    HowToGainTimeVor Monat

    Yes it HAS to happen

  • Nighthawk 009
    Nighthawk 009Vor Monat

    This would make an amazing addition to the collection!! It would be a head turner in the U.K. that’s for sure!!

  • flame
    flameVor Monat

    Best car ever made

  • Robert Hayes
    Robert HayesVor Monat

    Hey shmee 150 what ever happened to bensi Ben your friend that bought other mustang

  • Mystic Ranger
    Mystic RangerVor Monat

    you should consider the m5 cs

  • Dallas
    DallasVor Monat

    Perhaps drop the GTR Pro for this?

  • Idky
    IdkyVor Monat

    Jeremy Clarkson: I hate everything about this car... except for the engine

  • Robert VanZant
    Robert VanZantVor Monat

    He says

  • Torin Shields
    Torin ShieldsVor Monat

    I knew this was a Columbus Ohio because I've seen that Chiron in person in Dublin. The guy from smoking tire, put together that place where you can store exotic cars in LA. a good business will be something like that to exist in Columbus because Columbus unbeknownst to many has an amazing car culture.

  • Kazak Thranduil
    Kazak ThranduilVor Monat

    Forget the car what about the multi million dollar house

  • xevious2501
    xevious2501Vor Monat

    supercars in general are a dime a dozen, Their automakers flooded the market. But a Shelby GT350 and GT500 are rare outings. Ford doesnt continuously make them. they are made for several years, then theirs a long pause in between, More over what makes this generation of Shelby's heck Mustangs worthy of purchase is the fact these are the last generations of #1 The manual Transmission. The GT350's are manuals with all the prowess of their Track bred nature. Their sound the special flat plane crank Ford american V8 beyond rare. super special 8k rpm!!!! its the first and last of its breed. and it will command $$$$$$$$$ in the future. The GT500, the first Dual clutch mustang, most powerfull Ford in 2021 sound incredible performance incredible looks incredible. these are not everyday cars, these are BOO KOO legends. And in a world of EV's they will represent the best of their era. in other words they are collector cars.

  • Nightmare075
    Nightmare075Vor Monat

    4:19 DAAAAAAAMN !!!

  • lottalava
    lottalavaVor Monat

    I prefer the Corvette C7R track pack

  • Benjamin Wyatt
    Benjamin WyattVor Monat

    As Mustang owner myself.. I still think I prefer the Shelby GT350R with a manual.. probably in blue or Wimbledon white with contrasting stripes. The GT500 is super powerful and aggressive but it’s not the best ‘drivers car’ of the range and therefore might be less enjoyable. Still an amazing motor though!

  • Carl's Mod's & Class
    Carl's Mod's & ClassVor Monat

    It'll be worth it got to be done before the world goes into silent motor mode.

  • leonel montano
    leonel montanoVor Monat

    2019 corvette ZR1

  • leonel montano
    leonel montanoVor Monat

    U need to check out the corvette zr1 thts one hell of a car

  • MAxx MAxx
    MAxx MAxxVor Monat

    Why don't you wait for shelby gt500 super snake

  • Avinav Pradhan
    Avinav PradhanVor Monat

    Would love to see you track the gt500 at the Nürburgring Nordschlife.

  • Dougie Duane Ninja
    Dougie Duane NinjaVor Monat

    I’m glad you enjoyed your time here in central Ohio. I say get it if you want it. I like watching your channel for more exotic cars though. ✌️

  • Gamingwithkenz
    GamingwithkenzVor Monat

    I don't use to be a mustang or shelby fan but the 2020 ford shelby gt500 won a place in my heart for mustang and shelby mustang welcome to the team 🔥😎

  • The_Dude_Abides
    The_Dude_AbidesVor Monat

    I just took delivery of my base’s in for full ppf, ceramic and tint now....I’m in love with the’s amazing! You need to add this to your collection!

  • Sufnan Khan
    Sufnan KhanVor Monat

    could you make a video on how you import vehicles to the UK with the process and estimate costs to do so

  • Toni Montagna
    Toni MontagnaVor Monat

    This Mustang has balls man, and is much over all the european v8's

  • Hector Llamas
    Hector LlamasVor Monat

    At 12:02, when you gave it power it did that because you are in track mode. It’s a strange thing to have done, but Ford made it to where traction control turns off in track mode driving and there is no way to turn it on while in track mode

  • KieferClarkF1
    KieferClarkF1Vor Monat

    Would be better with a manual shift.

  • James Hampton
    James HamptonVor Monat

    Very enjoyable for sure. What a sound!! Way cool!!

  • Twinkie Cakey
    Twinkie CakeyVor Monat

    I like that track mode display, reminds me of old school car displays. As in 60's and 70's cars.

  • First Prototype
    First PrototypeVor Monat

    Sad , you don't bought this last unicorn! You will be the first and only one DEnewss-er/ mass-media person in Europe, that bought a muscle car from USA and bring it back home to England !

  • Matthew Graham
    Matthew GrahamVor Monat

    Wow didn’t realize that was a guys house. Oh what I would do to have that.

  • David Kvirikadze
    David KvirikadzeVor Monat

    That center panel looks just like one in Home Depot truck I rented , otherwise love it ...

  • ale3hs
    ale3hsVor Monat

    mustangs always sound great

  • Ruben Martinez
    Ruben MartinezVor Monat

    20 years ago CAR MAGAZINES Today SHMEE150 Love the STYLE and CLASS of this DUDE talking about cars!!!!!

  • Joe
    JoeVor Monat

    Looks great!

  • Dan
    DanVor Monat

    Would be cool to see a custom liquid red gt500!

  • nunya binis
    nunya binisVor Monat

    imo- You'd get tired of the grumble from the exhaust rather quickly, if cruising 80 mph on the freeway very far.

  • Nighthawk 009

    Nighthawk 009

    Vor Monat

    Schmee wouldn’t drive it much tho, he would add it into the schmuseum and probably do a few ring laps

  • josh
    joshVor Monat

    This dude buys a new car every week

  • The Triple F Collection

    The Triple F Collection

    Vor Monat

    Just got one that will be coming next week!

  • S Koulbout
    S KoulboutVor Monat

    GT 500🔥👌👍👍👍👍

  • mrjebbie420
    mrjebbie420Vor Monat

    Weeeee shmeeeee

  • pancake King 24
    pancake King 24Vor Monat

    you know its a good car when a european likes it and gives it praise

  • YouNeverKnow
    YouNeverKnowVor Monat

    How many cars he buys ? OMG

  • dom cusano
    dom cusanoVor Monat

    10k for stripes... *error*

  • Matthew B
    Matthew BVor Monat

    Shmee you should move to the US

  • MJayy
    MJayyVor Monat

    If you are worried about time make some more plans in America, ie LA,Florida(Cleetus,1320/at the track of course😂), Utah(stradman) , La(Manny khoshbin) Canada with DDE etc....

  • Matteo
    MatteoVor Monat

    buy a GT350R, will take value

  • TheSlowBoys
    TheSlowBoysVor Monat

    please wrap it Shmee-Blue if you get one, I work at Ford in Norwalk CT lmk

  • Lonestar Buildblock
    Lonestar BuildblockVor Monat

    Your cruise up the “ Olentangy River road made me very home sick. Of course I highly recommend revisiting it in the fall the foliage is second to none then. Before you settle on a pony car you should run across Dublin to my buddy Brandon Byers and compare the C8 it would go right along side your GT40 and it to has an exhaust gate so you can annoy everyone around you. Make sure you stop in Greaters and have the best ice cream in the world before you leave Columbus!

  • Dexter Nuqui
    Dexter NuquiVor Monat

    Funny how Ford really just throws pieces and bits from their bin in their cars, the GT500 door open chime sounds exactly like my Ranger....

  • Michael Bacon
    Michael BaconVor Monat

    I honestly think you need to add a GT500 to the collection. Its limited availability in the UK will make it worth even more. You'll also have to order a Shelby Raptor to add and bring back for the collection as well. Lol

  • Gaming Rob
    Gaming RobVor Monat

    Yes you should get one but it should be white with blue stripes

  • Mike Day
    Mike DayVor Monat

    Who among us, doesn't occasionally enjoy motoring about in a fine motoring car?

  • David Holm
    David HolmVor Monat

    The Mustang is one hell of a pony!

  • Zrexer One
    Zrexer OneVor Monat

    Man, performance tires, cold temperatures, high horsepower...recipe for disaster unless you are super careful.

  • Gary L
    Gary LVor Monat

    Brother Shmee, I am most excited for the STO content. I care not for the M3. I do think you would do the UK a service by importing a Shelby GT500. However, with the Shmuseum on the horizon, I would forgo the track pack (initial cost plus future tires and brakes) to save some coin. I recommend the Ford Performance Blue, sans stripes!

  • Dan Allnatt
    Dan AllnattVor Monat

    If you get the new M3/M4, please mod it ASAP to fix the fugly front end!

  • CDP
    CDPVor Monat

    If Shmee150 does purchase one, this might be the only GT500 in the UK or one of a very few so seeing one on the road there will be very rare and absolutely nothing sounds like it.

  • Andy
    AndyVor Monat

    You have to respect Mustangs in cold and damp conditions. The rear can be very lively

  • PDX runner
    PDX runnerVor Monat

    Haven’t read all 1000+ comments, but the Shelby Mustang wouldn’t be the last, or only American muscle car left. What about the Hellcat Challenger from Dodge?

  • Senshi Bat
    Senshi BatVor Monat

    Fire up "My City Was Gone (2007 Remaster) · Pretenders" on the BEO stereo... I went back to Ohio lyric..

  • Nat
    NatVor Monat

    How far ahead do you pre record your videos? Where are you right now? Cool vids as well thanks!

  • David Johnston
    David JohnstonVor Monat

    You answered your own question with the statement where the heritage rs the Gt500 and the GT next to each other. You could make a designated corner for the fords! Get some memorabilia and a big blue oval to hang over them. 👌

  • billg1374
    billg1374Vor Monat

    Get IT! Get the stripes painted in a custom color.

  • Onlythetruth
    OnlythetruthVor Monat

    Tim, Tim, Tim, buy the Shelby! Such a beauty, even the interior I like what is usually not the case with US cars. I love the colour too 👌🏼 Maybe only the AMG has a bit similar grumbling but never like a real muscle car.

  • Paul Mello
    Paul MelloVor Monat

    Yes, Yes, Yes! Electric blue or something like that. This would round out the Ford collection very well. And that sound is Wicked Awesome!

  • Marcell Molnar
    Marcell MolnarVor Monat

    No need!!! 👎🏾

  • Khuram Sheikh
    Khuram SheikhVor Monat

    Hi Shmee, what cameras do you use in the cars. They look very good and compact thanks

  • Tom Copestake
    Tom CopestakeVor Monat

    You should consider driving and experiencing a GT350R. Cheaper, manual, very special mustang.

  • Kadeem Smith
    Kadeem SmithVor Monat

    Please get a GT500, but don't break the bank for it. Definitely wait on it until you finish your new Shmuseum/garage first. You could probably get a great deal if you buy a spec you like off the lot too.

  • Carl Subong
    Carl SubongVor Monat

    That's my dreamcar as for now😂😂 next month i'll change it to lambo😂 blue is the best color for shelby gt 500

  • Dave Pyne
    Dave PyneVor Monat

    Great car should definately add it to the collection as its a shelby one and you can sort the interior to your taste. As you drive all over the world I was wondering how you find driving in the US to the UK plus on another note due to climate restrictions etc they are not going to make them forever. I mean you love your focus s and I would say it's a car that's more special and with more heritage than those. Go for it, finances permitting! You are continuing to make great content and in lockdown UK that has been a godsend thank you .

  • Kadeem Smith
    Kadeem SmithVor Monat

    Its not even about "bEiNg sTrEeT" its about authenticity. If you talkin bout walkin round extra militant 24/7 then ya life should reflect that. If you living lavish n carefree then show that. Just that people may not wanna see/hear bout the lavish shit cuz that mean u doing better than them again. And A LOT of people don't like that

  • Clayton B
    Clayton BVor Monat

    You just bought my favorite car!

  • bersepahbangsatsial Sultanpartybabikafir
    bersepahbangsatsial SultanpartybabikafirVor Monat

    Amarica car nice

  • Dylan Bezuidenhout
    Dylan BezuidenhoutVor Monat

    Would u consider the Super Snake ?

  • Steven Marincas
    Steven MarincasVor Monat

    just get it already 🙆‍♂️🙏😊

  • Kirby Griffin
    Kirby GriffinVor Monat

    That Volkswagen is the best car in the video

  • Amrinder Jandu
    Amrinder JanduVor Monat

    There is no way this guy is buying a car almost every other day lmao

  • Francisco Guzman
    Francisco GuzmanVor Monat

    You should get one!! Even if it’s just an investment Shelby’s do not depreciate like a regular mustang

  • Mr. Man
    Mr. ManVor Monat

    Nice to see you are in my home state! Enjoy your time here Tim!

  • Andrew Cunnison
    Andrew CunnisonVor Monat

    Please get one Shmee!

  • Gary Durandt
    Gary DurandtVor Monat

    Nothing but nothing, sounds like a US V8 muscle car

  • Kenneth Schultz
    Kenneth SchultzVor Monat

    Yes, Tim get a GT500.