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  • Mattia Varamo
    Mattia VaramoVor 23 Stunden

    A few years ago I had the opportunity to see LaFerrari been driven on a circuit, and listen to that engine.. what a sound! It’s beyond incredible! Even now that I’m rethinking about it, I still have goosebumps.. big fan! Thank you, mate, for bringing me back again to that emotion. You nailed it! All the best!

  • Rayaan Firdaus Irani
    Rayaan Firdaus IraniVor 23 Stunden

    i bet his eyes are set on the FXXK evo

  • Rayaan Firdaus Irani
    Rayaan Firdaus IraniVor 23 Stunden

    claim your before 500,000 ticket

  • Bradley
    BradleyVor 23 Stunden

    Thats a special car😍

  • Timothy Krieger
    Timothy KriegerVor 23 Stunden

    This is with out a doubt the best looking LA Ferrari I ever seen because I really did not like them so much except the black one I seen was great looking then this one the color on this just makes it “POPs” !!!!!!

  • rufio777
    rufio777Vor 23 Stunden

    I never liked that guy, he seems like he angrily bangs hoovie and tavarish behind the scenes

  • bowlerwildcatGaming2016
    bowlerwildcatGaming2016Vor Tag

    I love the liberty walk 458 & LFA

  • Joshua Geoffrion
    Joshua GeoffrionVor Tag

    Doug Demuro be like a kid in a candy shop if he saw this

  • Josh Jones
    Josh JonesVor Tag

    "Low on gas" down shift and step into it 🤣

  • Paulfastbikes
    PaulfastbikesVor Tag

    If ever a car can make you aroused that one does it for me lol

  • Ranks
    RanksVor Tag

    I wish you went past the Tyre Slayer.

  • Chris Graham
    Chris GrahamVor Tag

    Lol there’s me thinking I have an interesting car in a scirocco R

  • Syrthdr09 Sybr
    Syrthdr09 SybrVor Tag

    Back when cars were real mechanical driving machines, and not luxury computerized living rooms strapped to an engine.

  • Soldagg
    SoldaggVor Tag

    Tesla must be nice for roadtrips with that low sound volume

  • Chris Mcintosh
    Chris McintoshVor Tag

    I went to the Ferrari museum when the La Ferrari was being developed and saw the clay model. It was stunning back then and has only improved with age. For me it’s the best looking car ever made, just stunning from every angle.

  • Yanick Lange
    Yanick LangeVor Tag

    You need to go for a drive in the tyre slayer

  • De Gü
    De GüVor Tag

    F O R D !!!!

  • mjcapo1
    mjcapo1Vor Tag

    Shmee gets rock hard when he attracts peoples attention.

  • Ray Rivera
    Ray RiveraVor Tag


  • Racemuis YT
    Racemuis YTVor Tag

    The svj looked like a peugeot next to the chiron.. the chiron is so fast

  • talal almashaikhi
    talal almashaikhiVor Tag

    Just amazed how much effort goes into organising all of this. Keep the great work coming🌹

  • Curt W
    Curt WVor Tag

    Made in China....$150k

  • Mizu_Miya Akio
    Mizu_Miya AkioVor Tag

    Miss that tire slayer DDE

  • Cory Fiegel
    Cory FiegelVor Tag

    The la Ferrari is cool ...... But that lfa !!!!!!!! My dream car

  • Magneto One
    Magneto OneVor Tag

    God what a car 😍

  • iSmackCheeks
    iSmackCheeksVor Tag

    I wanna hear more about that 1100 hp 720s🥺🥺

  • Irshaad Shaikh
    Irshaad ShaikhVor Tag

    That collection is definitely one of my favourites I know it doesn't have all the most expensive and exclusive hypercars, but it has such a wide variety of cars and they're all pretty sick in they're own right

  • Brandon Thames
    Brandon ThamesVor Tag

    I live in that area where y’all were driving!!!! Wish I could have seen y’all driving in person! So cool knowing you were in the area driving those amazing cars.

  • TWlegend
    TWlegendVor Tag

    You know Bugatti is out of this world when their car from 2008 or whenever is the only one other cars can even get anywhere near

  • John G
    John GVor Tag

    Most LaFerrari owners: The car is roped off away from any of the other collector cars. 458Destroyer: Throws Shmee the keys to go for a drive on icy, wet, salt covered roads🤣!

  • Callum Dean
    Callum DeanVor Tag

    Would you get the sf90?

  • Amogh Meena
    Amogh MeenaVor Tag

    It really makes me happy how far you’ve come. May god keep you blessed.

  • powersliding
    powerslidingVor Tag

    ed has to be the cheapest cheapskate on the internet and maybe he loves it as game

  • Ron Waarts
    Ron WaartsVor Tag

    Shut up Shmee!!!!

  • Mr Anonymous
    Mr AnonymousVor Tag

    What a shitty dirty day to take all those pretty cars out

  • MillionsDan
    MillionsDanVor Tag

    Someone should wide body a Koenigsegg

  • Sanjin Gelić
    Sanjin GelićVor Tag

    After this amazing V12 masterpiece it would be so good to enjoy tha best V10 masterpiece ever made.. LFA

  • Amirul Asraf
    Amirul AsrafVor Tag

    My Dream Car😍🥵

  • Griffen
    GriffenVor Tag

    Shmee150 you need a new mic 🎤

  • keraman bin mohamad iemansah
    keraman bin mohamad iemansahVor Tag

    2vrning all okay ☺☺☺☺🤗

  • Phil King
    Phil KingVor Tag


  • Big D
    Big DVor Tag

    The sand and ice melt is hitting the car like crazy. I would lose my mind. I guess if you have all those beautiful super cars it doesn’t matter. I love them all ✊

  • KevBot
    KevBotVor Tag

    Holy 2 LFAs tho!!

  • HelpJawsKilledMe
    HelpJawsKilledMeVor Tag

    McLaren, Ferrari and Porsche really need to have another three way standoff like that with a new go on the whole hybrid or fully electric hypercar.

  • WJ W
    WJ WVor Tag

    A real petrolhead never stops at the wrong site by the gasstation. Look at your dash....:-)

  • Andrew Newton
    Andrew NewtonVor Tag

    If they just fudged the the numbers a bit no-one would be any the wiser, but hey this is the USA dolup an extra 50 mph ha

  • Пришелец ム
    Пришелец ムVor Tag


  • Calvin Jacobs
    Calvin JacobsVor Tag

    Jeep wrangler with a kit

  • It's Me !!!
    It's Me !!!Vor Tag

    Sorry shmee We couldn't hear you properly in the la Ferrari...

  • It's Me !!!
    It's Me !!!Vor Tag

    Imagine stopping at a signal Then starting to glide in electric And suddenly push of throttle and you vanish...

  • Scout H
    Scout HVor Tag

    This is one of your best convoy videos. Love the country side with snow and the line up of cars is epic.

  • Tristan Renee
    Tristan ReneeVor Tag

    I thought the title said " i bought a laferrari "

  • samorka
    samorkaVor Tag

    Have you noticed how shmee never stutters? Idk I find that impressive. Clear speaker

  • Rider Pasi
    Rider PasiVor Tag

    Finally you have taken a best decision on buying this machine❤️❤️❤️

  • Last train To Vegas
    Last train To VegasVor Tag

    the mechanic fixed it you just paid for it

  • Craig Morgan
    Craig MorganVor Tag

    That Porsche must have the sickest sound,absolutely epic.For a true car buff,it's heavenly music to the ears 👂👌

  • Fast_Car 1000
    Fast_Car 1000Vor Tag

    The 458 😍😍😍

  • Snow Coneかき氷
    Snow Coneかき氷Vor Tag

    i want it

  • Keisi Kapaj
    Keisi KapajVor Tag

    FERRARI The Ferrari

  • Landie Man
    Landie ManVor Tag

    If it’s not out in twelve months your allowed to crush it. FrEeDoMmMmM

  • Abdullah Al Mufti
    Abdullah Al MuftiVor Tag

    0:15 wow I never heard about this car Ferrari labrrari

  • Abdullah Al Mufti
    Abdullah Al MuftiVor Tag

    Nvm turns out that am deaf

  • ماجد الشمري
    ماجد الشمريVor Tag

    So so nice the best 👍😍

  • Marci Nagy
    Marci NagyVor Tag

    I don't understand the purpose of "where is Shmee" because you always tell us where you are in the beginning

  • Thorfinn986_doesn't_do_average
    Thorfinn986_doesn't_do_averageVor Tag

    I saw a video of a Veyron doing 304MPH last week.

  • Michael Aaron Cruz
    Michael Aaron CruzVor Tag

    Ferrari La Trabant yuuy

  • robby angel
    robby angelVor Tag

    what is your main jobb??? where does all that money came from????

  • Nuno Sousa
    Nuno SousaVor Tag


  • Jason Stockham
    Jason StockhamVor Tag

    Wow Tim you must pinch your self every day 👍📷

  • Christopher Pettway
    Christopher PettwayVor Tag

    Hopefully it's ppf

  • El Lobo
    El LoboVor Tag

    I see they copied the C8 steering wheel. 😏

  • oneonly xram
    oneonly xramVor Tag

    Ugh the salt on the road. There's something about limited run machines, in the motorcycle world the limited run hand made bikes are just another level from the normal production ones, I can only imagine how this car is! To me it's the P1 and this then the 918. Hey Tim, what fps are you recording with?

  • jeremy8080
    jeremy8080Vor Tag

    This looks like my Forza garage

    ASHWINVor Tag

    Hello Shmee

  • Tobias Arendt Laursen
    Tobias Arendt LaursenVor Tag

    Who is filming when you're driving?

  • yarub123
    yarub123Vor Tag

    what year is this car? not sure if I heard in video.... he gave a range of 03 to 07...not sure what this car is though. I guess its an 04' in the vid you say, "car is coming up on 15 years"

  • Francesco Carlo
    Francesco CarloVor Tag

    Spec game super strong.

  • diego diegui
    diego dieguiVor Tag

    Theres almost nothing as the presence of a Laferrari

  • amstaylorph
    amstaylorphVor Tag

    Better than your Senna?

  • HBC423
    HBC423Vor Tag

    Had no idea we had a LaFerrari in Tennessee. Gotta be Nashville


    I have car on my house well its a lamborghini